viRtual innovation PaRtneRs

VIP was founded with a specific goal in mind: creating a production environment where cutting edge technology and forward-thinking workflows can come together to produce amazing results. Our Virtual Production platform offers a wide range of possibilities for broadcast, film, and live events. Our dynamic production suit can be home to Virtual backplate film shoots, xr broadcast productions and virtual live events. Based in the heart of Europe, our ultra-modern VP suite is ready for the future of content creation.

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Thierry Heldenbergh - Studio executive at Virtual Innovation Partners

Thierry Heldenbergh
Studio executive

With his long track record in the industry, Thierry is our expert in Projection and LED systems. His experience and knowledge in this field are second to none and a vital part of our Virtual Production suite.

Hans Cromheecke - Technical director at Virtual Innovation Partners

Hans Cromheecke
Technical director

The technical wizard whose reputation on the global stage of video technology is widely acknowledged as one the very best. From Eurovision to the Olympics, name a global event that has happened in the past 15 years and there’s every chance you will see his name on the credit list.

Michael Al-Far - VP supervisor at Virtual Innovation Partners

Michael Al-Far
VP supervisor

His experience and long-standing service in the AV industry make him the perfect fit to take on the role as Creative Director and VP/XR producer. Michael has worked on broadcast and live events all over the world and brings this experience to table in our Belgian based studio.

Sam Gielen - Content producer at Virtual Innovation Partners

Sam Gielen
Content producer

Sam is our off- and online wizard. Creating content for Virtual Production workflows holds no secrets for him. With his experience in balancing visual content and technical functionality he’s the perfect man to be Content Producer at VIP.


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